Priority country for others in Europe

The Danish-German border is the only country border in the world, which is decided by the will of the people. It happened in 1920 and left a Danish minority south and a German minority north of the border. By then deciding what country one would belong to at that time there is no conflict between Danish and Germans in Sønderjylland and Schleswig-Holstein today. Today, one is fully aware of the story and no one carries a night, despite the fact that Sønderjylland and Schleswig-Holstein were lost in 1864 for Denmark. For other conflicts of indigenous ethnic minorities, for example in the rest of Europe, it can form a model on many fronts. Let ethnic minorities themselves separate themselves if this is desired or reunited with the countries they feel are their affiliation. Therefore, I would like to express my urge for the rest of Europe to make democracy decide where the people belong and to form new borders without wars to decide.

/Torben Voss, Author & painting artist

Future for the Oresund-region and the Danish-Swedish border

The Danish-Swedish border was settled during the war in 1657-60. In our day, what is heard together should be decided by a referendum and hence from which country they will belong to. This right should come from people from Skåne, Halland and Blekinge in the present Sweden also have. The people of the Øresund region have been let down by politicians, cultural elites and the media. When the Øresund Bridge opened in 2000, there was an overall expectation of the future that would tie us back together. I would therefore urge to let the people of Skåne, Halland and Blekinge decide by democratic vote how the future Danish-Swedish border should be. That should be the right thing and thus give in the same democratic right as it happened to Sønderjylland / Schleswig in 1920 In this context, it is also important that the cultural world is on its way to bind ourselves back together in music, literature, film and visual arts. This is essential for us to get a sense of a popular community in between us again. 

/ Torben Voss, Author & painting artist


                                                    KREATIV OPFORDRING TIL DANSKE PROFESSIONELLE KUNSTNERE

Forfatteren og billedkunstneren Torben Voss giver en opfordring til alle danske forfattere, digtere, sangskrivere, musikere og billedkunstnere til at integrerer Danmark med Slesvig-Holsten i Tyskland og Skånelandene i Sverige.

                                                        POLITISK DEBAT: SKÅNELANDENE – GENFORENING ELLER SELVSTYRE

Forfatteren og billedkunstneren Torben Voss stiller spørgsmålet, -Genforening eller selvstyre? Hvordan forholder man sig politisk i Danmark om en genforening eller selvstyre for de tidligere østdanske landsdele, Skåne, Halland og Blekinge i det nuværende Sverige?


Forfatteren og billedkunstneren Torben Voss fortæller sit bud på, hvordan vi kan indbyrdes omtale hinanden med en regional identitet efter den dansk-tyske grænse blev fastsat demokratisk i 1920. Sagen er denne. Fra Kongeåen i nord til Ejderen i syd har vi Slesvig (oprindelig Sønderjylland). Efter en demokratisk afstemning om grænsedragningen, så kan egentlig sige at folkeafstemningens resultat også afgjorde, hvilke navn om rådet fra grænsen til Kongeåen og fra grænsen til Ejderen skal hedde nemlig Sønderjylland/ Slesvig-Holsten.